Modi sent a letter to the countrymen, you also read what is written in it

Modi sent a letter to the countrymen,Yes friends will find a pamphlet inside all the newspapers on March 10, the Prime Minister has sent you to you. On this side of the pamphlet, along with the BJP's party, Narendra Modi ji The picture is printed on the other side, you will see a message written on it. This message has been written by Modi himself. Please read the words that are written in this letter.

Modi sent a letter to all citizen

My dear countrymen.

Writing this letter for you is a special and intimate opportunity for me. You are well-acquainted with the situation before 2014. In those circumstances, you entrusted me with Nasek's responsibility to take me out of the country. In the past 4 years, I have tried to fulfill your expectations with complete sincerity and with full potential. My government is dedicated to the oppressed, oppressed and deprived sections of the Dalits. The hope of women and youth - is dedicated to aspirations. An atmosphere of insufficiency and self-confidence can be experienced in poetry. In about 4 out of the last 4, many public works like 48 crore pucca houses, 100 crores toilets, electricity in every village, first connection of 2.5 million households, and 100 million households have been given health insurance card. Farmers have been given one and a half times the value of the cost that they provide gas connections by freeing women and providing better education and employment to the youth. Our government has taken a historic decision to provide financial support for the rupee. To give pension of Rs. 3,000 to 12 million small farmers, 6000 per year and unorganized sector workers. We have created an economy to reach the fast-moving economy of the new economy and the development of the new economy to every person. This unexpected success of the country has touched the heart of every Indian. . Various programs like Ayushman Bharat Yojana, Swachh Bharat Mission, Digital India Mission Janhana Yojna started by the Maharashtra government were launched. There is a chapter in the entire country and many countries want to implement such schemes themselves by learning from India's experiences. In the past 4 years, India has seen the return of its identity on the stage of Dania. The ancient culture of India has immersed the world. This is the sum and the new policy is India, its ace is 5 of the world. If you are able to achieve it, then by assuranting your belief in the government. I realize that the number of works done so far has increased your expectations. This is my good luck too. In order to fulfill the new expectations of the people of the country, to fulfill the new, I will try to prepare the next body with full force with a new force. . By working hard to meet your expectations. You are getting a sinner when you have to decide the direction of your country. I am going to empower my thinking and my associations. Therefore, in 2019, the path of new India has reached a critical turning point. Your teachings want to know your thoughts about your teachings. "Do you want to do something new, your thoughts about this may be new, share your thoughts with me. I am eager to know about the heart of the young partner in Videra, who for the first time voted for his vote In this century, give a missed call to the city and give your thoughts Namo Ap or 6357 17 17 17 17. www Your idea is to take important land in advancing Vision of New India. To expand the government or plan.

Now that you have read this whole letter, then what is your view. Whatever it is, you have seen five years of your government! It is said that the public is the greatest judge. Therefore, whatever you do, you will understand what you think. Anyone else will not do anything to say anything. Well, after reading the entire letter, you have found that in this letter Modi wants to talk to the people with the mind. For this, a phone number has been given in the letter too.A call was made at 10 o'clock in the night and immediately there was a call back. I heard the voice from there. Modi wants to know the matter of your mind. When you start the beep, you press the star by saying the word of your mind I did not say anything. But you will definitely send your message.

Asked when the note was captured, why did not the public talk about the GST when it was asked why was not the matter of the public's mind when unemployment was rising, why not ask the people's mind. Want to hear that the people want to see them again becoming Prime Minister or not. wants to listen to the public's mind, tell me whether he will make me a prime minister again, because the public is the public, appeals to Modi ji, please talk with the common people, he will surely share with you this will make your image. How will it become depends on the people.

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