Preparation for the election

Sohrab mirza

My eyes are on those young people and voters who will build an armed nation with their votes! And the future of our country will be safe! That's why I am addressing this article mainly to the youth!
Just after some time, preparations for the elections are going to start in our country! All the leaders will come out in the strategy of electoral thrusts! I thought that neither we nor we should prepare to choose our elite leader! We work hard! We also make a strategy to choose a good and wise leader for our country! But this can only be possible when we have the right knowledge about elections! The decision is to take! Elect is also a very important role in our personal lives!
For example, if you have to invest in a company, then you will be able to investigate and choose a company that will not harm your money! Do you think this time when choosing your leader of the country! The leader you are choosing Whether it is in the interest of you and your country, or do not we! Do we evaluate the work done by those leaders! Remember this country is yours, what you will do for your country, you will get it!
I think today is the biggest resentment in young people! It is wrong that we like young people like you once have to go to school to get admission in college! Moti Moti wants a bribe for a job! Talk to a leader of your area, Do not talk! How will you plant soya tree with common words!
Today, small children from the streets of Gali Mohalla, in the school's four villages, have a discussion! But what advantage do we have when we choose a leader like our country, when we consider the leader of our country! There is no opinion from the past whether a criminal is a criminal or a tainted person can gain power easily, because of our non-responsibility! Q We choose such people for ourselves!
Some people say what is in our hands.Whatever people are standing in power, they have all the same! But we forget that they did what they had done in power. We did it from our precious Voto and if we want them to fall There are some people who believe that money is dominated, but we forget this Q as much power is in our votes as much power is in their knot! Friends, we have five years of strength Giving to have many more power we Constitution him! Just stop divides based on not return Votkdharm Jatikbai Bandhu day that day will come watch you power of youth and monitor the power of the masses!


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