Talent khoj India

Sohrab mirza

It is good news for every creative person.those people have so many creative art and talent of any field.
There is so many shows and live programmes running in the all over the world and in india also for performing art like dance india dance and voice of india for different different art.they have provide a better opportunity for creative people for showing their talent to the all world.
But do you think that is sufficient that's all. No that is not sufficient because this world is to large that is not possible they were provide  opportunity for every talent. That's by so many people could not show there talent to the whole world.
There is so many talent in the world but some poor people not able to afford there dream then after they become busy in some earnings job.
So finally  i would  like to amusement that first time in india launch a online website for show your talent online and find your job according to your art.
This is Talent Khoj India.Raveena Tandan is promoting this website.

I would like to told more about this website.this a online platform for every  creative people. You can show you talent this platform.even for a writer
How to work this site.
There is two part of site.
Once directors.producers.and all kind of people related to creative art.they have to register as a employer.and second part is for all of you.there is common people any one if you have to any talen like singing.dancing.writing etc.so you can register as a artist with complete detail of you portfolios.and then you can see so many requirements by registed employer according to your art.
Second thing if somebody select your profile for any work related to you they will easily contact to you.all over in india.
We all ready know that how much difficult for find work in the bolywood film drama.etc.so this not a easy  work for a new talent there is also so mamy midle broker cheat to person who have not any knowledge about this sector.
So finally it is time to come fullfil your all dreams.
If you have to interested register your self as a artist plesae click here Telent khoj india after completing the process of registration then you are able to use of this site for applying so many jobs related to creative art.
Also i want to be inform you there is some  anual charge for this service like 500 hundred somthing.so try and good luck
If you have telent go for success.

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