People of Arunachal pradesh protest against PRC protesters set fire at deputy CM house

Arunachal Pradesh's capital Itanagar is reporting news of violence. Deputy Chief Minister's home. Has been burnt. His car was also burnt. is.The environment minister was also burnt to the house. is  Protesters were trying to increase the protesters towards the Chief Minister's house.A man trying to cross the wall shot him and died. In Arunachal Pradesh, the government was bringing the bill to give status of Scheduled Caste and Permanent Resident status to six communities. Violence has risen against the opposition.
Arunachal pradesh protest
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Now Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prema Khandu has said that this bill will not be brought. The protesters have not considered the six communities to be the basics of the state. Itanagar has burnt the five theaters of Satish Kaushik.Satish Kaushik Crowd Of Have managed to escape from violence. International Film Festival is going on for the first time in Itanagar. All these have been taken out of Guwahati.
The film festival has been postponed. Came to the film festival Singers and artists also got into this violence. Their equipment is also damaged. More recently, the entire North-East India should come together to withdraw the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Forced on The bills that we have BJP was being aggressive in North India, that even a single intruder would not survive. He quietly kept this bill in view of opposition. Put . No efforts have been made to pass the Rajya Sabha. Having this bill close to Hindu migrants get Indian citizenship. There was opposition in the North-East that Hindus coming from Bangladesh would become intruder citizens.See also the National Register of protest.

The work was slowed down due to which the Supreme Court's scolding government had to hear.Government and leaders claiming to not compromise on Hindu interests have silenced this bill.Now I do not know what will happen to the claims of intruder disposal, which they choose to get rid of. On the other hand, BJP government in the Northeast. Even after that many states who together have achieved That's unprecedented. BJP's ally Asom Gana Parishad left the government. Meghalaya Chief Minister of the state, Connard Sangma also came in protest.

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